Python for Data Science

Date :2/20/2018 12:00:00 AM

Location :Department of Computer Science

Python for Data Science

Department of Computer Science, Institute of Statistical Studies and Research, Cairo University, cordially invites you to attend the free session 

“Python for Data Science”

in this session, you will learn:
- Basics of python setup and programming
- Basics of data exploration, analysis and visualization (Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlip, BeautifulSoup)
- Basics of Machine learning techniques( sci-kit learn library (regression, classification, Clustering, evaluation your model)
- Feature Engineering (Preprocessing, Scaling , Extraction, Selection and Sampling)
- Machine Learning practical Case studies
- Advanced practical techniques ( Natural Language Processing
Image Processing, etc…)

you are requested to bring your laptop to practice several examples. On your laptop there should be some software packages installed, such as:
1. Anaconda: 

2. Code editor such as Jupyter notebook
coda, brackets or pycharm:

Basic knowledge on python programming is preferable to know before attending the session.
Organizer: Chair of Computer Science Department (Dr. Ammar Mohammed )
Speaker: Ali Hamdi
When: Tuesday 20th February 2018 4:00 – 8:00 pm
Where: Hall of prof. Hassan Hussein, Institute of Statistical Studies and Research, Cairo University

Info about the Speaker:

Ali Hamdi is a Ph.D. Researcher at University of Sydney. He received his Higher Diploma in Computer Science From Institute of Statistical Studies and research, Cairo University, and his master from University of Technology, Malaysia(UTM). He worked as a full-time Data Scientist and a part-time Research Assistant at Qatar University. During the last seven years, Ali has worked as an instructor teaching Computer Programming, Data Science and Web Development courses. He has participated in many software development and scientific research projects including, machine learning, natural language processing, image processing, spatiotemporal data analysis, strategic planning and performance measurement.