Strategic objectives

تاريخ الخبر : 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM
Strategic objectives
  1. Organizing study programs (academic and professional) at the level of Diplomas, Masters and Ph.D to qualify and guide graduates of universities and higher institutes in the fields and specializations of the ISSR and in interdisciplinary, creative and public management areas within the standards of quality.

  2. Spreading the culture of statistics, computer applications and decision support.

  3. Providing consultations to institutions and individuals in the fields of Statistics, Demography, Computer Science, Information Systems and Technology and Operation Research to participate in community services.

  4. Providing training services that keep up with the requirements of the labor market.

  5. Conducting studies, research and surveys in the field and specialization of ISSR for the purpose of serving the community.

  6. Spreading the culture of comprehensive quality to acquire the academic credence.

  7. Developing the research skills of students to work on innovations and creativity.

  8. Maximizing the role of ISSR in serving the environment and the local community.  

  9. Applying the modern information technology in the education systems.