Welcome to FGSR

تاريخ الخبر : 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM
Welcome to FGSR

Faculty of Graduate Studies for Statistical Research is a unique and distinguished institute in Egypt, the Arab and international region. The mission of the Institute is to maintain academic and professional education, conduct qualitative research in statistics and its sciences, demography, computer science, information systems and technology, and operations research at all levels.

Our main objectives are to provide university students of various disciplines with the necessary information and tools to qualify them in the fields of statistics, demography, operations research and computer sciences to be able to serve the objectives of society and development plans through the translation of theoretical studies and research into policies and procedures in partnership with many national bodies and relevant organizations In Egypt and abroad.
We are very proud of our various resources in both academic and professional departments and specialized centers. ISSR also provides practical training and capacity-building services that allow the development of individual skills and institutional capabilities. ISSR aims to expand its services outside Egypt to become one of the leading contact points in research In various fields and training in the Arab region through strengthening linkages and exchanging experiences.
We ask God to help us continue to keep abreast of the scientific and practical developments that put us in front of a great challenge that necessitates proving the Institute's ability to pursue developments in a fast-changing world. If our institute has led this leadership, we are proud of our teachers who preceded us and we pray to God to continue to perform Our mission and the transfer of our experiences to young researchers and our excellence at the national and regional level.
We promise everyone that we will work together in full swing in order to realize the vision, mission and objectives of this long-standing institute with the wishes of all, God willing